About Us

Jeremy Renovation is a Renovation Company founded in Singapore in 1993.
We are a HDB licensed and registered Renovation Contractor, also Certified in Interior Decoration & Finishing Works approved by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore.
Our Specialisations:  
Concept Design, Carpentry Works, Office/ Commercial/ Home Renovations, Re-instatement Works, PE Endorsements, Floor Plan Submissions, Plumbing/ Roof Leakages Repairs, Electrical and Air-conditioning Works.
We also supply and install: 
Sanitary Accessories, Heater, Air-conditioner, Tiles, Carpets, Bi-Fold Door, Toilet Bowls, Bin Chute Hopper, WC Sensor, Urinal Sensor etc.
Some of our official licenses and certifications in Singapore: 
  • HDB licensed and registered Renovation Contractor
  • Certificate in Interior Decoration & Finishing Works by BCA
  • Certificate in Interior Design (Residential and Office) by BCA
  • Certificate in Landscape Design by BCA 
  • Certificate in Architectural Detailing and Building Services by BCA
  • Certificate in Architectural BIM Submission by BCA
  • Certificate in Sustainable Architectural Design by BCA
  • Safety Management Officer Course by BCA 
  • Antigen Rapid Test (ART) Self-Swab Supervision for Built Environment by BCA