Wooden Decking Repairs @ Tanglin Road

Wooden Decking Repairs

Last January 2021, Jeremy Renovation was engaged by a client to salvage their wooden decking damaged by water from the recent heavy rains and thunderstorms in Singapore. Many planks were either starting to cave in or have already fallen into the drains below. This makes it especially unsafe for passersby. 

Our workers quickly got to work and here are the after images of the repair works done, with our worker applying a final coating of varnish overtop the newly replaced planks for durability:

Not to worry about the color differences between the new and old planks, as these planks tend to change color overtime and will match the original after some time. 

Our Process: 

Step 1: Inspecting the planks for water and other damaging factors. Then, removing the damaged planks for replacement. 

Step 2: Inserting the new planks and securing them with nails. Then, trimming to size to suit the original planks. 

Step 3: Application of a final coating for wood durability! 


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