Rooftop Leakages and Water Seepages Repair @ West Coast Highway

In the month of late October 2020 till early January 2021, Jeremy Renovation was engaged by several large corporations to do urgent building maintenance repairs to prevent the late monsoon season from causing even more dire damages to their buildings and fixtures. 

We did many rooftop leakages and water seepage repairs, and many other plumbing chokages caused by the heavy rain and thunderstorms. 

Here are the before and after images of a building's rooftop that we repaired from future leakages and water seepages into the units located below: 

Our Process: 

Step 1: Checking for water ponding/ stagnant waters after heavy rain. This indicates to us the problem areas due for timely repair and maintenance. 

Step 2: Jet washing and clearing of all water ponding areas, and the clearance of any wild plants. 

Step 3: Application of new waterproofing membrane to damaged areas. 

Step 4: Double checking of any other sheltered/ covered areas to ensure quality work. 

Step 5: Left to dry out and finally completed! 


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