Additions & Alterations @ Potong Pasir, Private Property

Recently completed additions & alterations works for this private property in Potong Pasir for rental purposes. 

This property was originally in bad-shape, now transformed into a newly re-furbished property that offers 5 spacious private bedrooms (each equipped with their own toilet and kitchen area), and a co-sharing space that comes with a Living area, Dining area and an open-concept Gym area. 

Here are a brief rundown of all the works done: 

- Demolition and reinstallation of new walls for firmer infrastructure. 
- Removal of carpet flooring and making good of original tiles hidden underneath carpet. 
- Stripping off old paints and re-painting whole unit. 
- Installation of polycarbonate roofing @ open sundeck. 
- Space planning & creation of additional rooms using partition.
- Toilet & Shower installation in each room. 
- Polishing of old original floor tiles.
- Waterproofing and tiling of new wet areas. 
- Vinyl flooring installation to non-wet areas.
- Relocation of M&E to suit new layout, including electrical re-wiring and air-con works. 

Here are the before/ after/ during images of the unit: 


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